Automation & Integration Services

Let us help you automate time consuming operational tasks.

  • We integrate Endpoint Management System with Ticketing System.
  • Security Intelligence to Incident Response platform.
  • Learn about other client integrations…
  • Integrations on premise and the cloud.

Managed Services

With our managed service solutions we share with you our long term practices in the various disciplines of endpoint management, security intelligence and incident response

Yes, you just “consume” and use the application, this is what it is all about.  Most manage service providers will offer the same. 

However, our long time experiences on best practices, pitfalls to avoid, integrations and automations with other tools and various use cases are shared with the knowledge transfer coaching that comes with our service. .


We provide on site and remote training in the following disciplines tailored to your industry

  • Endpoint Management
  • Security Intelligence
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Securing the Cloud