Gain actionable insights, quickly identify the top threats and reduce the total alert volume.

Gather data and events from thousands of devices, servers, databases, users and applications.

  • Detect advanced threats
  • Protect data
  • Uncover insider threats
  • Secure the cloud
  • Address compliance

Reduce the impact of incidents by prioritizing threats across the enterprise.

Available On Premise and SaaS

Our incident response platform integrates with over 100 security tools that allows security teams to automate and fine-tune response workflows without specialized programming skills.

It makes security alerts instantly actionable, provides valuable intelligence and incident context. From complex cyber threats to single machine ransomware attacks.

  • Make complex processes simple with visual workflows
  • Automate incident response actions out of box
  • Understand your environment with incident visualization
  • Manage breach notification laws
  • Train your team with response plan simulations
  • Single platform for Executive, IR Manager and Analyst

Available On Premise and SaaS