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Endpoint Management

• Patch with a 98% first-pass success rate? patched successfully and installed...
• Discover all authorized and unauthorized assets
• Software Distribution, OS Deplyoment and Remote Control
• Configure all updates across all platforms(Windows, Macs, Mobile Devices, Linux, UNIX, Virtual Servers)
• Endpoint Security
• Application White/Black Listing & File Integrity monitoring
• Data Loss Prevention and Device Control (multi-channel)
• Report on SW License Usage
• One Console, One agent with multi-functions as above

How long do you take to patch?
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MDM in Minutes: Deploy, Secure and Support Smartphones & Tablets

Fiberlink’s MaaS360 offering expands IBM solutions with new cloud-based capabilities to deliver
management and security

• Mobile Device Management (MDM)
• Mobile Application Managment  - Deploy, Manage and Secure Apps
• Secure Mail, Document Sharing and Browser - own workspace

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iT Server Mgmt in-a-box™ Health Care (Security & Compliance) Edition

Turn key solution for the Health Care industry that is required to meet HIPAA and Meaningful Use Requirements

• Secure Endpoints to protect data and avoid HIPAA Compliance Fines
•Visibility to monitor and correlate network, server, applications, log files for suspicious activity and compliance.
•Comply Meaningful Use

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Network intrusion prevention

Not just your usual IDS/ IPS. Powered by X-force®, it will:

• Deliver Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention to stop targeted attacks against high value assets
• Protect your systems before you have time to patch with IBM Virtual Patch® technology.
• Protect web applications from threats such as SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting attacks
• Integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) monitors data security risks throughout your network
• Prevent network misuse/abuse from instant messaging and peer-to-peer file sharing
• Avoid costly security threats by complimenting your firewall.

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Log Management, Netflow Monitoring and Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Appliances

A turn-key Security Intelligence Platform that delivers an intelligent, integrated and automated security solution
and provides complete, 360° security intelligence across your entire network, no matter how large or small.
It will take what you currently have today, correlate logs and provide you with:

• Network Flow Monitoring
• Up to Layer 7 Application Security Monitoring
• Data Loss Prevention
• Authentication Failure alerts
• Malicious Activity Identification
• Threat detection


Application Security Scanning for static, dynamic and hybrid analysis

• Scan complex web applications including those that utilize Adobe Flash, JavaScript, AJAX
and SOAP web services
• Discover malware and undesirable links embedded in websites with fully malware testing
• Combine traditional dynamic application security testing with static taint analysis provided by
JavaScript Security Analyzer
• Manage regulatory requirement such as PCI, GLBA and HIPAA using more than 40 out-of-the-box
compliance reports
• Manage key compliance standards such as PCI DSS
• Gain insight into top security issues with integrated web-based training