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End-to-End Application Performance Management & End-User Experience

• Server & Network Availability
• Performance Monitoring for: Databases, Microsoft applications, ERP, Public & Private Clouds, Virtual Servers
• Application Transaction tracking & End-user Experience
• Detecting bottlenecks in critical Application Slowdowns
• Operational Dashboards and Reporting


Network Configuration Management

• Network Diagnostics solution that provides for real-time topology visualization and root-cause analysis.
• A best in class network solution for multi-vendor devices that will monitor your network, prevent outages but
at the same time includes network configuration and change management, policy-based compliance
management and software upgrades.


IT Environment Discovery and Mapping – You can't manage what you can't see!!!

• An Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping tool that provides for a “dynamic” visio of your environment.
• It discovers all configuration items from servers, virtual servers, databases and applications to help you understand
the structure of interdependent and complex applications